I'm Elizabeth,

I'm a graphic designer, 
hand-letterer, Etsy shop owner and big fan of Pinterest. I help creative businesses use Pinterest to grow a business that works for, not against them. I also also own an Etsy shop where I create handmade wood signs, picture frames + gifts.

let's be friends!

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blog ideas for wedding photographers

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I don’t know about you, but I’ve had a love/hate relationship with blogging ever since I learned how to set up my own WordPress blog. I always start with tons of ideas and inspiration, and then after about a month of consistent writing, I draw a blank on topics and then give up. Blogging can […]

When I first opened my Etsy shop, I spent hours and hours working on my listings before I even hit “Publish” on any of them. And when I finally did, I expected there to immediately be a flood of customers just dying to order from me. Spoiler alert: That did not happen. It took me […]

Pinterest was an absolute game-changer for my little Etsy shop. Tailwind has been my not-so-secret weapon for awhile now. Using Tailwind, I’ve been able to get millions of viewers each month and send hundreds and thousands of readers to my blog and Etsy shop! If you’re not familiar with the program, it lets you schedule links […]

A collection of good, versatile fonts is an essential tool for graphic designers. Whether you’re working on branding, web design, a magazine, advertisements or any other kind of design, we all know how a font can make or break your project’s success. Calligraphy fonts are very popular right now—and for good reason! They look great […]

If you haven’t heard, Pinterest is my absolute favorite way to promote my business. (I love it so much, I even made a free Pinterest for Business guide just for you!) There are tons of ways to optimize your Pinterest to drive traffic to your website (see that freebie above to learn more!), but today we […]