Most days you can find me in comfy clothes dreaming up new projects and ideas. I’m a big big fan of checklists, planners and an all-around organized life (it’s the Enneagram Type 6 in me!). I live for puppy snuggles and sharing a meal with my sweet husband at the end of a long day. 

My husband and I just made a big move from Missouri to Texas — we’ve been calling our biggest leap of faith. And while it was one of the scariest decisions we’ve had to make, it was also the most liberating feeling. Life’s too short to not live it the way you want to, am I right?!

When I’m not working on my dream business, you can find me chowing down on a basket of chips and guac with my husband, dreaming about building our dream house, or hanging outside in the warm weather (thank you, Texas!!)


I'm Elizabeth.

hi friend,

I got my dream job right out of journalism school. This job is where I became a better designer. A stronger worker. A bigger dreamer.

But then, through a series of crazy turns (isn’t it funny how life will do that to ya?) I realized that I had a new dream. A crazier one, yes, but one that I couldn’t ignore.

On a whim, I started an Etsy shop for my hand-lettering products. I spent hours reading articles on marketing and branding. I learned about Pinterest marketing and dove into best practices for Instagram. I figured out the ins and outs of creating hand-lettered signs for weddings and events. And through it all, I fell in love with creative entrepreneurship — and helping others.

At 23, I started this business. I left every plan and expectation I had for myself to do something a little bit crazy. I do this because I love graphic design. I love hand lettering. I love helping others. Now I get to live my dream while helping you build yours. I mean come on — it doesn’t get much better than that.

So, here's the story:

We believe in...

generously sharing what we've learned with others,

lifting up our fellow entrepreneurs,

creating quality products,

treating our clients to a stellar experience,

and resting often.


We value your trust — so we want to make your time with us exceptional. We only take on a few clients at a time so we can focus on you and your business needs. We can't promise that we'll be available 24/7, but we promise that we'll never leave you hanging or feeling left out. This is a team effort, my friend!

My degree in graphic design and real-life industry experience taught me that good design is more than just something pretty — it also needs to tell a story. We're dedicated to finding the best way to tell yours.

We've been in your shoes. We know the time, energy, dedication, and often times frustration that comes along with starting a new business. Our goal is to walk along side you through this phase of business any many more,  and do whatever we can to make it better for you.

So, why choose us?

BEING AN #EGCLIENT is more than an investment — it's an experience.

Want to work together?

let's start your project!