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3 Ways to Use Pinterest to Sell More on Etsy

When I first opened my Etsy shop, I spent hours and hours working on my listings before I even hit “Publish” on any of them. And when I finally did, I expected there to immediately be a flood of customers just dying to order from me.

Spoiler alert: That did not happen.

It took me a few months of trial-and-error to figure out exactly what I needed to do to ramp up my orders on Etsy. And it all centered around one thing: Pinterest.

Now, if you’ve only ever used Pinterest to save recipes and photos of your dream house, you might be confused as to why you would use it for business as well. (And if you already know all of this, skip down to the good stuff!)

First of all, tell me this: Have you ever used Pinterest to look for something to buy? Maybe if you haven’t bought there directly, have you used it for buying research? (Perhaps looking for bridesmaid gift ideas or Christmas decor inspo?)

I’m going to assume your answer is yes. And 90% of all Pinterest users would agree with you too.

People are actively using Pinterest to make purchasing decisions every day, and if your Etsy products aren’t there, you are seriously missing out!

(Can I interrupt for a second? If you’re ready to take your Pinterest game to the NEXT LEVEL, click here to download our free Pinterest for Business guide!)

With Fall products and launches just around the corner, now is the time to start getting your Pinterest ready so that when people are ready to buy, they are finding you on Pinterest.

Here are 3 ways you can use Pinterest to promote your Etsy business!

Just so you know, this post contains a few affiliate links, which means I’ll make a small profit if you choose to purchase through my links.

(don’t forget to pin this image and save this info for later!)

1. Pin your products consistently. This is the obvious method, but it’s worth saying it anyways. Pin your products consistently using keywords that your ideal client is searching for. If you want to save time, I suggest using Tailwind to schedule out your pins. This way, you can work on other parts of your business while Tailwind handles the rest. (Schedule your first 100 pins for free here!)

(Bonus Tip: Create multiple photos and graphics for each product and pin all of them. The more pins that lead back to your product the better. Learn how to create multiple graphics here.)

2. Use an opt-in or blog posts to direct people to your Etsy shop. This one is a little more advanced because it requires you to have a separate website and newsletter set up for your shop. Similar to the bonus tip above, this one is all about creating more avenues to direct people to your shop.

One way is to create an opt-in funnel (Not sure what that is? It means that you trade a valuable freebie for your reader’s email address so that later you can email them and tell them about all your ah-mazing products!) There are so many ways to encourage potential customers to sign up for your newsletter. You could offer a coupon, a checklist, a free printable or anything else you can think of. Once you have your opt-in set up, pin multiple graphics that direct people to that landing page on your Pinterest boards. And once they subscribe, make sure to send them to your Etsy shop to start shopping!

The second thing you can do is write blog posts. You can write about products you love, gift guides, home decor tips and so much more. For every blog post, you should upload 6-10 graphics to Pinterest to get people to your site. Make sure that your reader can easily find your shop when they get to the blog post. This is where we turn readers into loyal customers!

3. Pin your seasonal products at the right time. You always want to start pinning seasonal items at least 2 months before you want your shoppers to see them. For example, if you sell back-to-school t-shirts for teachers, you can assume teachers will start looking in July and August, which means you should start pinning these products in May and June. Seems a little early, right? It takes a little while for pins to start gaining traction in search results, plus Pinners start browsing early, and you want to get allll the eyes on your products! So it’s smart to list your seasonal products early and start promoting them on Pinterest right away!

I hope these tips are helpful! If you’re looking for even more help, check out all of our Pinterest blog posts here.

P.S. If you’re feeling *completely* lost and looking for some more personal help with Pinterest, check out the 1:1 services I offer to creatives just like you!

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